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Longreach’s DIVEPAL(S) provides a unique way to the diving lifestyle. 
That’s because we understand what you, the Diver, really wants to do is, 

Established with you, the Diver, in mind, we aim to lead the market with our unique membership program and genuine savings for dive trips and dive equipment purchases.

Announcement to New Divapals:

Welcome to Divepals! We look forward to new and better deals for you. The Skype software can be downloaded from our contact page to enable faster, cheaper communication. 

Also, do take advantage of the various offers and discounts available to all divepals at the Liquids Cafe Upper Bukit Timah and Sembawang.

For all others who wish to join us and enjoy our many membership benefits, act now! Call us or leave us your details through our SKYPE voicemail or through our contact page, we'll get back to you on how you can join us.

Invitation to Dive Shops, Dive Operators

Do you have that one or two odd spaces left over for any trips and can't fill it up? 

Leave us the details (Best price, dive site, itenary, your dive shop name, contact number and email address) at our contact portal. Who knows? One or two of our members might be interested and we could assist both parties out.

Safety-Stop : Our position on the discussion thread on the forum of finsoline about us.

Divepal(s) Trading wishes to state that the view or views, stated by our divepals or person or persons who have made mere enquiries, do not reflect the official position of the Divepal(s) Management nor the organisation. This is because these views may lack other facts like membership news, rebates, discounts or other special programs available only for our divepals members. Therefore, we are not responsible for any misinforamtion if any member of public chooses to rely on these forum discussions rather than to call us directly.

After going through the membership applicants for our "recession buster" membership drive held from the 10th to the 24th Nov 2008, and cross referencing through many sources, we are very disappointed that again, none of the cynics that wrote negative views in the finsoline forum have applied for the membership.

However, we wish to thank them for their various viewpoints and discussions on the forum. It has helped us improve on many areas. We gladly ask them to continue to push us hard so that we can be a better organisation for our members.

For those with positive comments, thank you very much. When you write in or contact us, please identify yourselves and your pen name. We will gladly assist you as best as we can.

10% Discount for Divepals

Liquids Café (Upper Bukit Timah)

110 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Goh & Goh Building

Singapore 588619

Liquids Café (Sembawang)

56 Sembawang Road #01-01/02 

Hong Heng Mansion

Singapore 779086

 Terms and Conditions apply

Fabrics, Tapes, Ropes

 Call: Mr. Soon

Telephone: +65 6316 2318

Fax: +65 6316 3356

Cell +65 9792 3011

Need tuition in Primary School Maths, Science or English for your kids, younger brother or sister?

Call Mr Tan at 96899972


Size Matters underwater! Why carry a bulky underwater torch that restricts your movement underwater? LongBow ECO Torch - Your handy, durable torch.

 Market Retail Price:$197.95 

Promo Price for Divepals:$148.73

(inclusive of GST)

You Save $49.22!


Force fins unique shape enables you to encounter lesser resistance and drag, improving your propulsion underwater. Force fins, we won't be diving without it


Market Retail Price:$389.48 

Promo Price for Divepals:$347.75

(inclusive of GST)

You save $41.73!

Promotion is on from 16th Nov 2008 til 30th Nov 2008, or while stocks last.

Call us thru our Skype phone number, our Skype ID or write in thru the contact portal.

Kindly note that Divepals get first priority.


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