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Testimonials from participants of "Project Boost" conducted on 7th-9th Sep 2013 and  11th-13th Nov 2013

“Very good as I learn more about goal setting and believe in myself anything is possible if you put your mind & soul. Don't give up. Positive Thinking" - Jalina Bt Mohamed Yusoff

"It bring benefit to myself"
- Meslina Binte Jumahat

"Very engaging emotionally and physically but well worth the journey" - Haslindah Binte Raman

"I learn to be more confident, independent and more knowledgeable" - Sabariah Binte Atan

"Very encouraging, It helps motivate us." - Laila Binte Kadir

" Learn to be united in our mission, combine our individual skills and talent, strengthen our relationship and complement each other - GREAT JOB!" - Ramlah Bte Mohtar (Anne)

"An eye opener and realistic way in looking for a job Lawrence Lucien Rayan

The trainer Roy Ong is friendly, approachable and kind hearted Liew Kiat Phin

Roy Ong given me an upgrading with confidence without doing nothing or fear Siti Aisyah

This program will improve my confidence - Balasupramaniam s/o Kanapathy Nadeson


Testimonials from participants of "Customer service for field technicians and engineers" conducted on 30th Aug 2012

Very Good Gobinathan s/o Chandra, Field service engineer

Good insight to handling customer and see how others handle customersMs Ong Hong Teng, Service Administrator

This program helps engineers to improve customer service skills Lim Song Hor, Bryan, Field service engineer


Testimonials from participants of "Advance Presentation Skills" conducted on 6th and 7th Aug 2012

Really good practical training program that challenges you. But this is the only way to learn! Noel Fordan, Trainer, Swire Marine Training Centre

The course became more enjoyable as it proceeded and confidence built up - Richard Watson, Trainer, Swire Marine Training Centre

Overall a good program with many useful pointers and tips, plus the good practice.”Harry Andrews, Trainer, Swire Marine Training Centre

I will encourage the managers from my department to attend the next run Judy Ang, China Navigation Company Pte Ltd

It is an eye opener especially the evaluation of my presentation skills. There is a definite take away at the end of this programLydia Pavlova, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations Pte Ltd

All good David Collinss, IT Dept, China Navigation Company Pte Ltd

Testimonials from participants of "Effective Presentation Skills" conducted at NS HomeTeam Bukit Batok – Saturday, 12th Feb 2011

Roy is a very friendly and confident trainer who engaged every participant. He never fails to address our questions and problems. Jason Zhou

Roy had been a great trainer, providing a comfortable environment for participants. There was no pressure and his course is of great fun - Anthea Choo

Useful course.Lim Hong Pheng

Testimonials from a Motivational Talk for real estate agents from James Lee Realty (JLR) – Wednesday, 10th Nov 2010

“Inspiring! Great motivational speaker!” - Mr. James Lee

“Well done Roy, I learnt something valuable today” - Timothy G

“Timely and interesting talk. Helpful “wake up” call to us agents.” - Arthur Lim

“I find Roy’s talk to be stimulating and soul searching. It has encouraged me to self examine my strengths and weakness” - Patrick Tan

“I find this session enjoyable and fruitful. Thank you.” - Jasline

“Roy’s talk focused on the root of the issue and his talk about the cycle of life is relevant to everyone.” - Joseph Tan

Testimonial from organiser of seminar by IES Academy, 24th Sep 2010

“ Your flexibility in moderating your speech and delivery has ensured a smooth seminar.” (Emcee assignment) - Mr Andy Ong, Senior Manager, IES Academy, The Institute of Engineers, Singapore


Testimonial from organisers and participants of "How to improve your brain fitness" workshop, 23rd May 2010


“ Roy wowed the audience with his spirit of continuous learning. Roy is an engaging and entertaining speaker.” - Ong Sin Tiong, Secretary, FLC


"Roy literally rejuvenate the audiences' "brain juice" and made their day and mine!" - Joyce Tham, WEC Chairperson


I found the talk informative and lively. The audience was encouraged to participate through challenging equations that involve critical thinking and promote healthy minds!.” Cecilia Poh, participant

Testimonials from participants of other courses conducted by Roy:

"The crew of 40 service personnel that attended his training on "Customer Service: Serving your way to the top" clearly enjoyed the power packed and practical training session. We look forward to his next training session" -  HR Representative, Asian Cruise International Pte Ltd

"Roy is an engaging speaker who has the ability to breathe life into any topic." - Ms Wendy Kwek, Managing Director of Executive Directions, Spirit of Enterprise Award 2004

"Inspirational speaker with a great sense of humour. What he said broadened my perspective and inspired me to take actions to improve my life." - Johnathan Foong, Ministry of Defence

"I was able to see improvements in the different departments after the staff empowerment and motivation seminar." - Dr. Vimala Sreenivasan, Director, IT Technologies Pte Ltd

"A witty, clear and concise speaker! You will definitely benefit from his sharing."  - Cindy Yap, Bank Executive

"Spot-on methodology to bring the best out of each individual in the team to deliver awesome results!" - Tan Mei Mei, Singapore Country Manager, Life Science and Analysis, Agilient Technologies

"Empowering and Inspiring speaker. I took immediate action and improved my performance straight away!" - Russell Kwan Regional IT Manager, World Fuel Services

"Roy is an interactive speaker with a unique combination of sincerity and humor." - Norman Yeo, NUS BBA Undergraduate

Testimonials for Roy: “Magic Workshop” on 7th Dec 2009 #22-07 10 Anson Road, International Plaza Singapore (079903):


"Very interesting presentation. Entertaining, very patient in explaining how the games are done. Good and clear explanation." – Eunice Tan

"Interesting, funny….. the workshop was very enjoyable" – Tomoko Ohta

"nteresting. Great clarity.…….. Overall, very well done." – Shermaine Phang

"Has opened my eyes that it is all about practise! And of course knowing the trick" – Wayne Koh

"Roy has a funny outlook and he made his magic very interesting. He emphasized a lot on practise. I learned a wonderful lesson through his magic workshop" – Roger Ng

"Roy explained the subject matter in an amusing and creative manner" – Felicia Sie

"Roy was a funny presenter and definitely a great magician in the making. He explained the tricks clearly and effectively. Everyone enjoyed his performance." Brando Hioe

"Roy was able to inject fun in his magic presentation. He got the audience engaged." – Vincent Tay

"Roy enabled us to learn the secret of magic clearly & effectively." – Mindy Ng

" Roy presentation was very clear. Overall, well done" – Jovan Madero

"I was very impressed with his presentation. He explained the subject matter very clearly. Shiok!" – Rudy Djoe

"Roy did a wonderful presentation and now we can do magic as well. Easy." Phillippe Piriou